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  • In a Nutshell...


    When 'good enough' is NOT enough for your business, you need Sunflowers and Seagulls Promotional Services!


    I specialize in premium freelance illustration and graphic design services which consist of elite artistic and discerning work which helps businesses build their brand, reputation and publicity.


    Offerings include illustrative logo design; upscale, comprehensive, one-of-a-kind website design; and elegant, expressive computer and traditional illustration.


    I have been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes build a professional and memorable presence for over 25 years by designing exemplary corporate identity, advertising and marketing media for a multitude of industries.


    My freelance graphic design studio is settled in the high plains of the magnificent state of Colorado, USA. All of my work is done remotely on site at my studio enabling me to provide extreme quality work for anyone, anywhere worldwide that has access to the internet.


    I can be contacted via cell phone, VOIP, email and instant messaging anytime, day or night, that suits your needs.


    Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have during your visit here at my website — or anytime. And, when you are ready to make your ideas, your desires, and your dreams for your business come true, I am here to help you do exactly that. I am looking forward to assisting you in creating your success.


    Be sure to contact me today to set up your free, no obligation consultation!


    Claudia Beck

    Owner & Artisan

    Sunflowers and Seagulls Promotional Services

  • Read What My Customers are Saying About Me...2


    I have had the privilege of working with Claudia Beck for two years. She has provided me with fantastic custom logos and an entire automated affiliate program web presence.


    Her artistic ability is amazing and her grasp of the complexities of web design, web graphics and advanced web applications is impressive.


    Claudia is a joy to work with; she is prompt, courteous and skilled in creative problem-solving. It is very unusual to find someone whose creative and graphic talents are equal to their
     know how.



    Cynthia Kiteley Lee

    Christian Home Business Association

    Mystical Order of the White Rose



    Sunflowers and Seagulls is a professionally run service with a very smart lady directing the show. I always have gotten exactly what I want, and have seen artwork and effort put in, unlike many even larger organizations.


    Claudia has always shown a high degree of professionalism, and understanding of what her clients wants were and has been able to balance that to what the true needs are to get something that works, at the right price. A sensitive balance for most, and
    reliably achieved here.



    Ray Dubé, Raying Enterprises, Inc.



    Claudia designed my traffic exchange website from beginning to end. The graphics were exceptional, showing what we were all about before reading any of our content. She did a couple adjustments I needed and never took over the time stated.


    When I decided I needed a specialty script wrote for a specific area after the adjustments, Claudia pulled through with a wonderful script for a fraction of the cost other companies asked. When the script she wrote was delivered, she spent time with me to make sure I knew how to use it properly.


    If you want a professional 'top-notch' website, Claudia aka Sunflowers and Seagulls Promotional Services should be the first designer you contact.


    You're needs will be met by this company!


    Rosa Pearl, Proven Psychic & Author



    It was a pleasure working with Claudia from the beginning. She was very helpful I changed a few things which she did with out any hassles. It was all very professional and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone.



    Vivienne Broude, African Flavors



    Claudia did my graphic design work for ads I sold. She completed the ones I emailed her within one day and all my clients loved her work and approved ad with only one advertiser changing anything on ad.


    I gave five stars for her work and for her communications and I will use her for all graphic design projects I have and recommend her to all who ask.



    Bob Domingos, Bob Domingos Marketing


    Our decision to hire Claudia for our newsletter layout and

    design was the single best move we made in our first year of business!


    Claudia always went above and beyond our expectations so our newsletters looked top-notch. Although she was in charge of layout and designing our ads, Claudia also proofed our content for errors. So, we were able to avoid re-prints and other costly mishaps that are prevalent in the newsletter business.


    The ads she put together for us were spectacular enough that it was not uncommon for an advertiser to request the use of them in other  mediums.


    I've recommended Claudia to other businesses for a variety of work and I've heard nothing but rave reviews with her work.


    For top-notch, error free design work I'll hire Claudia EVERY



    Todd Borth, Neisen Borth Agency




    Claudia - Just wanted to tell you again what a great job you did on everything for the promotion of the Business Expo.


    I think it was a huge success and that you had a large part in that success with your wonderful graphics.


    I didn't get a chance to talk with any of the other vendors much because we were so busy with potentials, but I was truly impressed with all of the people that came and how interested they seemed.


    Thanks for all your help with the design of my own Expo materials as well.



    Susan Kline, Editor, The Brighton Buzz



    Hi Claudia,


    I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful ad you created for me and tell you about my great results since placing my ad on your Today’s Woman Pages web site.


    Last month, before I placed my ad with you I had only 6 hits on my web site. After my ad appeared this month, I had 60 hits to my web site! I am estimating that about 1/3 of the people came to me directly  from my ad on your site.


    Someone else found me from an online search of Natural Skin Care products and plans to join my team. My exposure on your site helped her to locate me. This is another added benefit of being part of Today’s Woman Pages.


    Thank you for making such a positive impact on my business. I am so happy I found you!




    Robin S. Whitney, Executive District Manager,

    Independent Consultant, Arbonne

  • Clients and Past End-Clients


    African Flavors

    Arlington County, Virginia

    A Novel’s Story Bookshop and Fine Tea Empourium


    Beaver Creek Resort

    Bob Domingos Marketing

    Brighton Seventh-Day Adventist Academy and Church

    Bronco’s Stadium

    Chad Fleischer

    Colorado Centrifugal, Inc.

    Cordillera Real Estate

    Diamond Star Ranch

    Eagle County, Colorado

    Fox Plumbing

    Garden Fresh Co-op

    Hits Hog

    Kathy Lee Gifford

    Kiteley Communications

    Local and National Political Candidates

    Logan’s Luscious Lines

    MCI Communications


    National Computer Graphics Association

    Neisen-Borth Agency

    Peeples Ink, PR

    Pete Seibert

    R&N Collins

    Radisson Plaza Hotel at Mark Center

    Raying Enterprises, Inc.

    Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate

    Software AG of North America

    Spa Mountain Naturals

    State of Colorado

    Table Rock Ranch

    The Brighton Buzz

    The Dormdough Group, LLC

    Town of Vail, Colorado

    Warren Miller

    Welcome Table Christian Church

    Vail Resorts

    Vail Valley Tourism & Convention Bureau

    Victor Mark Donaldson

  • Awards and Affiliations


    Advantage Marketing, Website Award - 2005

    MAWA, Website Award - 2005, Best Portfolio Award (winner 7x) - 2000

    IABC Winner’s Circle, Award of Honor: Newsletter Category - 1995

    Communications Concepts’ APEX Competition, Award of Excellence: Publication Excellence in Marketing Brochures Category - 1995

    Printing Industries of Virginia, Inc., Graphic Communications Competition, Special Electronic Prepress, First Place Winner - 1994

    Printing Industries of Virginia, Inc., Graphic Communications Competition, Award of Excellence (4x) - 1994

    Printing Industries of Virginia, Inc., Graphic Communications Competition, Award of Excellence (2x) - 1993

    Photographer’s Forum Magazine, Student Photo Contest, Runner-up - 1986

    Colonial Beach, Virginia, Public Art Show, Purchase Award - 1982



    Design Firms - Service Provider

    Chamber of - Member

    America’s Best Companies - Member, Certified Merchant & Small Business Consultant

    Evan Carmichael, Famous Entrepreneur Advice - Partner & Published Author


  • History De Dicto Locale


    Originally from the East Coast of the United States, I grew up on the ocean and always thought it so dreamy to hear the waves crashing on the shoreline while the seagulls soared above my head screaming and crying to each other — about what? Fish? Humans? Their view maybe — from way up high!


    Now, many years later I reside on the landlocked high plains of Colorado. Who would have ever thought, way up here in this high plains desert at an altitude of 5,020 ft., where my wide open views are now the Rocky Mountains to the West and vast farm fields to the East that I would still be hearing my beloved and curious Seagulls!?!?


    Thus is my inspiration from this God given lovely new environment for the theme of my design studio. Fantastic things do happen here — inside and out!

  • Artistry Credentials

    During childhood, my household was filled with art and fascination as my British Mum was a fine artist herself and a lover of archeology, mythology and science fiction to boot.


    My dad was always into “projects” from carving miniature totems in logs, to staining & varnishing awesome gnarled sticks, photographing anything & everything, and collecting the most awesome African and South American masks. So it stands to reason that I loved to draw, paint, create and photograph just about anything every waking hour of my life.


    So when college time came around and I announced I was going to study fine art, my loving, imaginative but also level headed NASA Engineer father basically said “not!” — :( — So my parents kindly introduced me to the then coined career field of “Commercial Art”. It was an archaic time for the field as we did not have these fantastic computers and awesome software to simplify our lives like we do now.


    But somehow I managed to struggle through it. And somehow I also managed to bend the rules like all designers are so talented at — after all —that is part of our job description. How else can we be the creative individuals that we are? Thus I majored in Illustration with a minor in Commercial Art.


    Since we all know, a love of something doesn’t pay our bills. And, starting out as a “freelance” anything is quite a financial struggle. I have, therefore, spent my entire career not as an Illustrator, but as a Graphic Designer with a quite handy skill of being able to produce all of my needed illustrations, be it clip art style or elaborate detailed work. I also, due to my love and skill of Photography (thanx! Dad), I am able to use my own photos for my design and illustration needs as well.


    Yes, I am very thankful to my mom’s fine art heart, my dad’s reality check + creative ingenuity, my evasiveness and Apple Computers, to have gotten me where I am now as a business owner providing unique and effective products to help other business owners build and grow their dreams and companies.


    Most of all, I thank God for my gifts of family, talent and ambition!

  • Career-Based Skills

    Design Media - 25+ years experience designing nearly every type of print media (see Gallery for samples); 10 years experience designing internet media


    Photo Manipulation & Enrichments - skilled at creating digital photo collages and other optical illusionary photo illustrations


    Illustration (hand drawn) - adept in a variety of media including graphite & colored pencil, pen & ink, gouache and scratchboard


    Illustration (digital) - skilled using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for a variety of styles and techniques as needed; also combine traditional and digital techniques


    Illustration Subjects - specialties include still lifes, close-ups, natural elements, surrealism, caricatures


    Illustration Styles - capable of creating & recreating just about any style needed from tight detailed work to loose fine-artsy styles

  • Tools

    All work done on a Macintosh computer system using a variety of standard industry software programs and utilities.


    Hardware - 17” MacBook Pro; Epson Stylus Photo R1800 color printer; Epson Expression 1600 scanner; backup onto USB drives, DVDs and CDs


    PC for proofing client jobs via this platform and minimally working on files as needed in PC formats.


  • My Resumé

    Click here to download a .pdf copy of my resume.

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