My Services Preempt The
“Promotional Void” so Many Businesses are Left With


 have heard it time and time again, a business owner purchases that logo design at such a fantastic, low, cheap, inexpensive price — wow! — what a deal.


It turns out they have ‘saved money’ on this file that they can not open, they can’t use, they can’t, can’t...


What they can do is: pay their vendors time and time again to recreate a version of it that can be used for their current business promotion projects, and of course, this will take project time + cost more money, neither of which these business owners were expecting. And, ooops! the vendor can’t match the font used in their brand new logo, but can find something similar — so much for ‘corporate identity’.


The frustrated business owner takes yet more time away from their real-world business operations, and tries to contact the ‘discount’ designer they got their logo design from to convert the file and — surprise! — they can’t get a hold of that person. Hmmmmm....


Here’s another sob story I get told over and over:


A business owner purchased a website at this really ‘affordable’ web company. All the sites look the same, but hey, what a great deal they got because it only cost..?!?!?!


This business owner isn’t getting any traffic to their website; and now they know they need a site that visually represents their company, not every business in the same industry, so they want to move the site to their own host to get it customized. But, according to the cut rate website company’s policies, they aren’t allowed obtain the server files that they have spent so many hours, days, months inputting into their new site. :(


Maybe not such a great deal after all, because, well, they really don’t own their own site. Oh! And, did they opt for the “free” domain with their awesome price too? Too bad, ‘cause chances are — they don’t own that domain name either. Most place, it turns out, those freebie domains are just rentals. I impore you — be sure to read the fine print folks!


And, to compare apples to apples...


Even the business owners who do successfully purchase a logo design, or brand new website can still be left hanging, “okay, got this new logo file, got this new site — now what????”


The logo file they received is in a format for their new website and works great online! But, it needs to be a different size and resolution for their business cards, and they need a one-color version in yet another format to be silk-screened on the water bottles they just ordered.


Unfortunately, this business owner can’t find the original file their discount designer emailed them and so they need a new one ASAP. But, the designer hasn’t answered their email inquiries yet, and since they are located on some faraway continent, never did give the business owner a phone number to call in case of problems.


Apparently, customer service was not included in that purchase. Hmmmmm......


The other ‘savvy’ business owner still needs to get traffic to their new website; plus they want social media integration that builds on their brand, speaking of which, a branded email template for communicating with their subscribers is a definite must, plus — they still need this item they didn’t think about, oh! and that one too.


And, since the company they hired to create their website only makes websites, this business owner was not provided with complete business services and ended up being left with a huge business promotion void, and a lot of wasted time.


Many tales of woe from frazzled business owners have crossed my phone lines and entered my Inbox, so...



I have created services that offer you ways to
head off these types of problems right off the bat —
saving you time, frustration + unexpected expense$.

Allowing you to concentrate on your business,
not your business problems.

Consider this now:
maybe paying more up front is
not such a bad idea
if it means you will get
what you need, when you need it!?!


We all know — time is money...


and what I provide for you is ultimately what you would pay for eventually anyway, only without paying the price of
lost productivity, mental stress and paying a second time for a service you purchased once already! 



Who needs a website if no one visits it? Who needs a logo file that can’t be used? I am sure you don’t.


So whether you are a startup business and need a corporate identity developed, or are a seasoned business but need to revamp your current business branding, I have worked hard to set up services that envelop the entire process and make your next steps to promote your business fall into place.


Also included always, are full client consultation and communication, plus customer service that spans from before I begin any project through the entire process — and — follow-up after projects are complete to ensure owner usability and satisfaction.


 Please visit any of these links for service details:

creative illustration

hand-crafted website design

illustrative logo design


Slide shows are available on each page providing samples of my work, plus there are comprehensive charts with full product details.


We all know:



You get what you pay for.

But, I make sure you get even more...

along with exemplary designs + stellar service.


That’s what makes my business STAND OUT.


Contact me today and let’s discuss how we can
YOUR business STAND OUT!




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Sunflowers and Seagulls is a professionally run service with a very smart lady directing the show. I always have gotten exactly what I want, and have seen artwork and effort put in, unlike many even larger organizations.
Claudia has always shown a high degree of professionalism, and understanding of what her clients wants were and has been able to balance that to what the true needs are to get something that works, at the right price. A sensitive balance for most, and reliably achieved here.


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