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Amplify Your Next Project With Expressive Digital or
Traditional Illustrations


Are you looking for imagery that makes your project unique? Do you need creative flair for your current venture that still exemplifies professionalism? If so, please read on...


Click links below for slideshows of work:

Digital Illustration

Website Design

Logo Design

Full Gallery of Work


I can provide you with illustrations of various subjects such as still lifes/objects, abstracts, botanicals, caricatures and fanciful fantasy, editorials, and many others.


A large assortment of mediums and styles is at your service too. You can choose from traditional hand drawn illustration in pen & ink, gouache, mixed media, colored pencil, scratchboard and more. Or, computer generated / digital illustrations consisting of manually created vector files, or photographic collages — or — how about a combination of traditional and digital illustration for awesome results?!?!


And, when you also need design, layout, typography and production services, you won’t need to hire vendor after vendor for all those services. For your convenience, I provide these services and therefore can integrate your illustration(s) much more appropriately into your project. This not only saves you time, but also the hassle of hiring a designer and illustrator, then trying to coordinate with the two to complete your work.


I wish to thank you for taking the time to learn more about my illustration services and how they can help your project stand out and  exude an air of professionalism. I have been a career graphic designer for '20 something' years, and throughout all those years I have been — and still am — overjoyed every time I get the opportunity to create an illustration to heighten a design project.


Please do take a few minutes to view my full Gallery which includes a variety of illustration samples. Or if you are interested specifically in digital illustration, click here. Then contact me for your free, no obligation consultation and price quote. I hope you enjoy the show! :)


Because of the nature of illustration projects — always something new and different in every one of them — I am unable to pre-quote illustration prices here on my website, as I have done for my design services. So please do contact me at your earliest convenience regarding your illustration needs and I will be more than happy to prepare a free, no obligation price quote for you once I have all the details of your project’s needs.


Below is a copy of my standard business terms and information so you can be familiar with how my business operates. Simply click a heading in the box below to read more information regarding that topic.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or simply need a bit of consultation for your project.

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  • Product Access & Copyrights

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    any resource materials and copy as discussed in planning meeting(s) and/or subsequent consultations

  • Discount$

    The following discounts are available:

    bulk order discounts

    for long-term contract work

    for guaranteed repeat projects



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